Do you work with low or no credit?

Yes, we work with everyone! With credit and/or with no credit.

Do you take trade ins?

Yes, call us today or come in for a free vehicle evaluation.

Are your vehicles in good conditions?

Yes! Our vehicles are in great condition and they leave with warranty.

Can vehicles be test driven?

Yes! Call today for appointment to schedule a test drive.

How much is the downpayment?

Downpayment starts as low as 0% to 30%.

How much are the monthly payments?

Monthly payments change depending on the price of the vehicle, the down payment and the amount of months financed.

Can I see the vehicle I liked before I purchase it?

Of course! Call us today to set up an appointment or just come on by to test your vehicle.

How can I contact you?

Call us at (800) 219-0339 or email us at [email protected]

Can I finance with my own bank?

Yes, we can give you a buyers order for you to apply for a loan or we can help you out with the application process to different financial services!

Can I use a cosigner to purchase a vehicle?

Yes, sometimes it can make the deal stronger by adding a cosigner.

Is there warranty?

We offer warranty on ALL our vehicles, we offer different warranty packs at different costs for each vehicle, contact us to find out more.

Do you also offer insurance?

Yes, we offer a variety of insurance!

What do I need to bring in order to buy a vehicle?

Proof of income, proof of residence, any form of government identification and downpayment.

Can you ship the vehicle to my home?

We offer shipping to all the US, call us to get a quote.

Can we help you with something else? Leave your query below!